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We used the Delta Laser to treat our 4 year-old son's ear infection, and the results were excellent. We did not let the doctor perforate the ear, which is the usual approach in our country, but instead started with intensive coMra treatments 4 times a day. Our son did not complain of ear pain anymore. After four days of treatment the doctor...

Prague, Czech Republic

Concerning the Delta, I treat myself since I bought it last year and the results are remarkable. I am healed about 70% of my skin infection and about 90% of my nails infection. For my skin I am using the treatment DERMATOLOGY 1 in combination with UNIVERSAL 3, (blood).

Michalis Gorgoris, Volos, Greece

We started treatments last Monday on my hands/fingers for a trial run and to get a feel for it. We watched as my fingers relaxed and straightened out. My friend was very surprised and excited. Tuesday morning from forearms to fingers felt more control and stronger. Tuesday night carried out spinal treatment and slept all night without...

Scotland, United Kingdom

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