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I broke my ribs during the last week of February, 2012. My doctor said that there was nothing that they could give me to help me heal my ribs, other than rest and that, on average, it would take about 4 to 6 weeks of excruciating pain for them to heal. I used the Delta Laser and the pictures speak for themselves. After just one week of three...

Debbie, Miami, United States

Osteoporosis and Damaged Vocal cords in an Elderly Lady A lady of 68 came with osteoporosis in her back and right hip. She had a very stiff body and a little voice almost like someone who is too shy to talk. I started to treat her along her spine following the User Guide. But she then said that her trouble was more on the hips. So I spent...

Hermanus, South Africa

A child, 4 years old, with rhinitis and acute tonsillitis. Beneficial result after 7 procedures. No symptoms of the disease three months later.

Varna, Bulgaria

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