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In “A new approach to healing headaches: 1 Bioenergetic basis” I presented experimental evidence of acute cellular energy deficit involved in headaches. Simply put, whenever the brain is critically low on energy it sends a warning in the form of a pain sensation: “Whatever you are doing, it is damaging!”

But what causes this bioenergetic deficit? Is there a common cause between tension-type headaches and chronic migraine? In this article I will explore deeper insights into the origin of pain in the subjective experience of headaches. Then I will try to connect that subjective experience to the bioenergetic nature, the biology of headaches. This will allow us to search for ways of treating primary headaches.



Migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headache are associated with impaired energy metabolism in the brain. This fact has been known for several decades. But how do we apply this knowledge to the main questions regarding primary headaches: What causes headache and how can we heal it? In this article I review the existing evidence, and based on my personal experience of using coMra-Therapy to treat high-altitude severe headaches I propose a new view of the biology of headaches.


[This is a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Optometric Phototherapy. DOWNLOAD PDF]

I often watched as my father, a professional artist, would become inspired by the play of colours in nature. Rich and strong, or subtle and whispering, the emotional impetus echoed in me whenever I looked at his paintings. Later, when I was working as a research scientist, I studied how colours in nature carried information about the health of a tree or the mineral content of rocks. But it was only after I started my research with Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy (coMra-Therapy) that I came to a deeper understanding of colour as a universal language, and its ability to connect not only people, but even vastly different types of intelligence: for example, human thought, emotion and even the innate “instincts” of cells that make up our body. In coMra-Therapy we use colour in concert with near infrared laser light, a magnetic field and ultrasound, and all four of these components are held together by the central idea of cooperating with the body in the healing process.



How our physical body is able to initiate and complete its own healing is one of its most remarkable features. Even a simple finger cut initiates responses from dozens of types of cells – the smallest units in our body – coordinated to achieve specific results, such as stopping blood loss, killing foreign bacteria and preventing infection, creating new blood capillaries, repairing and regenerating skin layers. These processes rely on the astonishing intelligence of our cells and the different ways in which they can communicate and function together towards one goal.

Key to this remarkable healing concerto is the ability of individual cells to communicate with each other using specialized chemical messengers, which provide specific stimuli that direct a cell to perform one or another function. For example, medical science has identified a group of messengers called Growth Factors. These chemical messengers act to stimulate the proliferation, growth and maturation of young cells that will replace damaged cells in a wound [1].

In terms of messaging, some remarkable developments took place in the early 1980s, when researchers started to accumulate evidence proving that light can also act as a messenger for initiating regeneration and repair. In coMra-Therapy visible colour lights are used precisely as a messenger to initiate this process – communicating a message of healing to cells. In this article I will start discussing the actions of light as a messenger on cells.


I would like share with you my experience at the 80th International Conference on Light and Vision in Colorado Springs, U.S.A., and also some of the correspondences I found between the use of colour in syntonic optometry and coMra-Therapy.

The “Light and Vision” conference was focused on the application of specific colours to eyes, in order to treat vision-related diseases. But in a sense, the conference was itself colour-full, with a rich palette of therapies and an inspiring vision of healing with light. The feeling from this conference was of warmth and light coming from every person. :)

Optometrists from around the world – USA, Germany, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, UK – came to learn about syntonic optometry and share their experiences.

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Welcome to the Science Spot at RLT Blog!

Here I am going to present in more detail the science of coMra-Therapy outlined in the video coMra-Therapy – A Brief Explanation, as well as the mechanisms of action of the four radiances, and a lot more in-depth information about coMra-Therapy Case Studies.

First of all, it is important to understand our vision of the role that should be played by science and technology

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