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Științele și RLT - O introducere

Luni, 30 Aprilie 2012 00:00   |   Scris de 
Dr Arzhan Surazakov

Welcome to the Science Spot at RLT Blog!

Here I am going to present in more detail the science of coMra-Therapy outlined in the video coMra-Therapy – A Brief Explanation, as well as the mechanisms of action of the four radiances, and a lot more in-depth information about coMra-Therapy Case Studies.

First of all, it is important to understand our vision of the role that should be played by science and technology

and also how this vision is expressed by coMra-Therapy.


The Role of Science and Technology

We all need to decide what we want from our lives, both as individuals and collectively as humanity. Science and technology are unique and powerful tools to help us achieve what we desire.

But what do we see behind the face value of our mighty scientific progress?

If we keep things simple, we only have to look at the quality of the water in our nearest lakes or rivers. Most of us will think twice before we drink it or even swim in it! This example amply demonstrates how we relate to the environment we inhabit, to the food we eat and, obviously, to the way we treat our own bodies. The inescapable fact is that our technology-rich society is profoundly out of balance within nearly every sphere of existence.

It is undeniably true that through the use of scientific methodology we are striving to learn objectively about the workings of nature. But it is also true that, at the end of the day, what we choose to study and how we apply the knowledge gained, fully depends upon our conscious, and more often unconscious, motives.

Using my own personal experience as an example, I greatly enjoyed my years in government-funded science. The fascination and excitement of a discovery is in itself very rewarding! But I realised more and more that the implications of my research were so far from daily reality, and at a deep level I started to feel that something essential was missing – something that I felt would bind together science with the actual needs of humanity, as well as the very fabric of Life.

Principles of Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy

Fundamental to the vision of Radiant Life Technologies is a very simple but profound truth: science and technology must be based on the interrelated, interdependent and interactive nature of Life.

Only through applying this truth in all our approaches, can we ensure that scientific and technological progress will benefit ALL forms of Life. And this concept forms the foundation of Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy (coMra-Therapy), a technology developed at Radiant Life Technologies.

In practical terms, the principle of the interrelatedness of life is expressed in coMra-Therapy by means of the intelligent co-operation between the four radiances and the diseased body, between a technological device and a life form.

Intelligent Cooperation

We started by recognising and respecting the innate intelligence of the body – that it knows best how to heal itself.

To initiate an effective communication to the innate intelligence we decided to use sequenced colour Light Emitting Diodes, to initiate numerous signaling cascades.

To address the energetic deficit in diseased cells we use Near Infrared Laser to enhance ATP synthesis – the key process needed to provide enough energy for the healing process to take place.

The Magnetic field supports and enhances the action of the other radiances by at least an order of magnitude.

And Ultrasound delivers a gentle agitation that increases enzymatic activity in cells and hence supports the regeneration processes.

Intelligent Cooperation

In the application of coMra-Therapy, the body and most importantly, the person, are not passive recipients of a treatment. Instead, the regenerative capabilities of the body are stimulated and supported, which allow the body to carry out the healing process in the most effective way possible.

Ultimately, the intent of the individual to heal himself is the main driving force and the decisive factor. Simply put, coMra-Therapy empowers us to help ourselves and to nurture a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

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Arzhan's fascination with Nature and his firm belief in Science led him to a career as a research scientist. But after spending years in government-funded research (Russia and the U.S.A), he could clearly see that the research community, generally speaking, does not meet its responsibilities towards human, plant and animal Life. In his search for an alternative way, Arzhan discovered Radiant Life Technologies, a group of like-minded individuals who had joined their skills and resources to develop technologies that are fully life-supportive.