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I am a Full Contact fighter who underwent a reconstructive knee surgery on my ACL due to a direct kick to my knee while competing. During a match my leg was in the air and my foot was pinned on the opponent's hip as the direct kick occurred, which caused my ACL to tear. I underwent an ACL reconstruction with allograft (cadaver ligament) and...

Luis, Miami, United States

One morning in July 2012 I got up and stepped onto the corner edge of a low, floor-level bed frame. I was a guest in a house where I wasn't used to things. I put my full weight on it and the pain was immense. My foot was heavily bruised and cut and I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. I immediately started treating the affected area...

London, United Kingdom

Male injured his right shoulder in a ski-ing accident about 40 years earlier. It had given him constant pain ever since. Over the years, he saw many specialists, but found no relief from the pain. 6 weeks after he started using the Delta, the pain resolved.

Knysna, South Africa

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