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Testimonial: Performance

We had the opportunity to test coMra-Therapy and the Delta Laser during the preparations of Denisa Barešová, who I coach, for the World championship of Sports Aerobics 2012. We included coMra into the training program 3 months before the championship for three main reasons: - First, we wanted to strengthen the organism in the period of highest training pressure before the competition and especially because of the mononucleosis which Denisa underwent a year ago and was not yet fully recovered from. - Second reason was an aching knee, which was causing trouble for a few months and even though Denisa went through rehabilitation procedures, it was not getting better. - The third reason was to try the positive effect of coMra for stress relief and mental balancing. Denisa undertook a combination of a few different treatment courses with the Delta Laser, which was recommended to us by Team coMra and which we applied ourselves alone, prior or after the training routine. Already during the treatment courses we noticed that Denisa had a growing training appetite and was less tired after routines. The knee aching was also noticeably receding and Denisa’s overall state of mind was very good. We finished the coMra courses right before the championship and in that time the knee aching was completely gone and the pain did not come back at all. Also, the stress relief effect was even more noticeable now as coMra was obviously helping Denisa to stay mentally balanced and concentrated on her performance. Based on this experience, I am assured that coMra-Therapy and the Delta Laser could contribute to each professional and amateur athlete for prevention, rehabilitation or to achieve and maintain top sports shape. Vladka Barešová, Professional aerobics instructor and coach. (Denisa Barešová is a Czech champion gymnast in sports aerobics, World Champion in 2010, twice European champion in 2009 and 2010, four times champion of the Czech Republic (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010). In 2004 she became the Adelaide champion of the world and in Rotterdam became the European Champion in the junior category.)