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Testimonial: Leg wound

In the middle of June this year I had an accident in my shower when my right foot slipped and my left leg smashed into the edge of the folding door of the shower. As a result I ended up at Accident and Emergency because I had a bad gash down the front of my shin. The hospital put paper stitches on it and told me to see the nurse at my GP practice a week later to have the stitches removed and the wound dressed. Ten weeks later I was still attending the nurse at least once a week and sometimes twice. I had had two lots of antibiotics because of infections in the wound and I kept being told that wounds in the lower leg take a long time to heal because the circulation in that area is poor, especially as you get older. My leg was still swollen as were my ankle and foot. This meant that I had difficulty walking and my shoes did not fit very well. I was also suffering from tendonitis in my other leg and had a painful neck and back which I think were caused by me walking awkwardly because of my painful leg and foot. I contacted Mariette who suggested she treat me with the coMra Machine. She explained this would help boost the circulation in my lower leg and aid healing. Normally the machine is used on the wound itself but I had dressings on the wound so she treated the skin around the wound and my foot and ankle. She also gave me Bowen massage on my tendons and neck. I went to see her everyday for five days. I then went on holiday for two weeks. The nurse at my GP practice gave me dressings to change every couple of days. While on holiday I noticed that my foot and ankle were no longer swelling and I was able to walk around a lot more. When I returned from holiday the nurse could not believe the improvement in the wound and the lack of swelling. Two weeks later I was told that I did not need to see the nurse anymore as the wound had healed. I believe this was because of the treatment I received from Mariette.