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Testimonial: Broken radial head bone

I fell on August 4th [2012], during a game of football with my 12 year old grandson, and broke the radial head bone in my left arm. Treatment from A & E [accident and emergency department] at the local hospital was initially a cloth sling for 4 days, followed by a plaster cast, with strong painkillers for 4 days and then removal of plaster cast after 5 days with cuff and collar sling provided and advised to try and move my arm but not "overuse" it. At this stage my arm was very painful and I had very limited movement. After a conversation with [my therapist], she suggested I try a course of coMra-Therapy. I had never heard of this but was willing to try anything to speed up the healing process. I had four treatments in total and am pleased to report that the speed at which my arm appears to be healing is amazing. I now have almost full movement of my left arm, with only a small amount of discomfort. I support coMra-Therapy and would encourage anyone with broken bones to try this wonderful therapy. 27th August 2012