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Once I noticed the itchiness, dryness and burning sensation on my hands I started using the Delta and, during the treatments, I experienced a soothing and calming feeling, which was very relieving. The next day already, I saw and felt great improvement in the irritated areas.

Carolina, Miami, United States

I used coMra-Therapy on my client's leg when he came in for acupuncture treatment – once each visit for two visits. He has cellulitis on his legs, because of the cellulitis there has been an open sore on his leg for months now that has not healed. After two individual treatments with coMra-Therapy the open sore is now scabbing over with...

Edmonton, Canada

I had mild eczema on one leg, it was very itchy and after several days I did not find any relief from the use of drugs and ointments. I decided to use the Delta Laser, which I had taken home on a rental basis in order to check its effectiveness, and I did the treatment Meridian 3. To my surprise, both the discomfort and the condition were...

Enza, Bergamo, Italy

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