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Welcome to the Science Spot at RLT Blog!

Here I am going to present in more detail the science of coMra-Therapy outlined in the video coMra-Therapy – A Brief Explanation, as well as the mechanisms of action of the four radiances, and a lot more in-depth information about coMra-Therapy Case Studies.

First of all, it is important to understand our vision of the role that should be played by science and technology...

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Extract from: "Phototherapy and the Peripheral Nervous System"

By Roberta Chow, M.B., B.S.(Hons.), F.R.A.C.G.P., F.A.M.A.C., Ph.D.

“Effects of laser irradiation on the peripheral nervous system (PNS) underlie the potential for phototherapy to be acknowledged as a mainstream therapy for the future. Pain and inflammation are among the most important manifestations of PNS function and the spectrum of diseases with these symptoms and signs, from osteoarthritis...

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What are Low-level lasers and how are they being used to treat medical conditions today?

Today more and more are people choosing to stay away from invasive treatments and long-term dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. One effective healing instrument which is commonly used in hospitals in countries like Russia is low-level lasers. But also throughout the world they have been used for many years in a wide variety of medical disciplines. Physiotherapists and sports teams use them regularly for the repair of...