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Nail Fungus

Lunedì, 25 Giugno 2012 19:32   |   Scritto da 
Alexander Hevia

As an athlete who loves to compete, I have found many opportunities to use my Delta for a wide range of physical ailments.  I have also found it very useful for systemic support, when the body's energy reserves are depleted from high intensity training days, as these leave the immune system weak and vulnerable to pathogens.  However, being an owner of a Delta Multi Set, I have the ability also to treat non sports-related conditions that affect millions of people every day.  As an example, below I describe how I successfully treated the nail fungus of my right thumb.    

It is estimated that 10 percent of the U.S. population alone has onychomycosis. [1] The treatment is often difficult, since topical ointments can't penetrate the nail plate, and this leaves the majority of the fungus untouched by the medication. Recently, oral medications have been developed to combat the fungus from inside the body. However, patients will have to monitor themselves carefully for any dangerous side-effects, because the antifungal pills have serious contraindications and, in addition, before commencing treatment, a blood test will be administered as a precautionary measure for possible liver damage.

The final conventional procedure is surgical or chemical removal of the nail. These procedures are usually done as an adjunctive treatment, combining the two other treatments listed above, for maximum effectiveness and least recurrence rate. Even when combining these treatments, fungal infections have a high recurrence rate and are difficult to fully heal.

A new treatment method that has recently been recognized to be effective against nail fungus is laser therapy. [2] When this is performed at a clinic, a patient will often have to undergo multiple sessions in order to achieve a full eradication of the fungus. The cost of the therapy sessions is high, usually from $600 to $1200. [3]

Since my Delta is conveniently located at home, I was fortunate enough to start a treatment as soon as I noticed the discoloration of the nail plate and believed that I had contracted a fungal infection. This was on January 14, 2012.  I wasn't entirely sure if it was a fungal infection, even though it had the appearance of one, as this was the first time I ever had any discoloration on a nail from non trauma-related conditions.  However, since coMra-Therapy works with supporting the body’s own remedying intelligence, I felt the treatment listed would help nonetheless.  On that same day I started the Dermatology 3 treatment as listed in the User Guide.

I will tell you up front that it took over 5 months of use to get my normal-looking nail back, but the results were well worth the effort. Especially when I compare this to: 1) antifungal lacquers that take a year of daily use; 2) topical medications that don’t usually cure nail fungus; 3) oral medications with serious side-effects and are generally ingested for 6 to 12 weeks, taking four or more months for the infection to be eliminated; and 4) surgical removal of the nail, and then growth of a new one, which could take as long as a year for a complete return. [4]  With the Delta Laser User Guide’s Dermatology 3 treatment, the recommended course is twice a day, and each treatment session takes 4 minutes per digit until the condition clears up completely. So in total, that is 8 minutes per day, in which I did my first treatment in the morning and the second one at night. On my busier days, I would forego one of the two daily treatments or both altogether.  But for the most part, I stayed consistent, since it wasn't that time consuming and I felt that the deformation of my nail was unsightly. 

As the treatment progressed, I saw the fungus being pushed up from the cuticle and there were times when the infected portion of the nail would flake off. It looked like the body's own defense systems were pushing out the fungus, since flakes would fall of completely and new, healthy, nail growth would take its place. I resisted the urge to pull on any flakes, as I was concerned about fungal spores infecting other nails. With regard to this, I must honestly say that I didn't concern myself with additional hygiene precautions, other than the normal hand-washing activities I do throughout a day. The only other precaution I took was when trimming my fingernails; I would cut the infected nail last and sterilize the nail clippers after use.  However, I would strongly suggest that the additional hygiene precautions stated in the User Guide for toenail fungus be adhered to. 

My ability to effectively cure my fingernail fungus was very important, since I knew that nail fungal infections require lengthy treatments, even with coMra-Therapy. But with consistent home applications I was successful in maintaining a healthy set of fingernails.



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