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RLT R&D publishes new article!

Sabato, 30 Gennaio 2016 06:55   |   Scritto da 
Milen Ivanov

We are proud to announce that new research carried out by our R&D Department has just been published in a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal:

Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.

The article,


starts at page 23.

Some of the thought-provoking questions considered are:

  • Generally speaking, acute pain has a clear life-preserving function: once we are aware of pain and its cause, we can take corrective action to avoid the latter, which is quite literally destroying the body.
  • But primary headaches, such as migraine, seem to occur without any apparent pathophysiological changes, unlike secondary headaches due to trauma, infection, cancer, intoxication, etc.
  • What then causes migraine, the third most common disease in the world?
  • And if there is a cause, what corrective action can we take if we hope to heal migraine and other types of headaches?

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

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Riguardo all'autore:

Before I became involved with medical lasers, I had not consciously explored any active role in this aspect of medicine. In retrospect, however, I can clearly see a number of threads that prepared me for this role.

One that stands out especially was the experience of a relative of mine, who went all the way through so-called therapy while dying from cancer. The pain and suffering that my relative experienced convinced me that existing medical treatments were not sufficient, and there had to be a different way. But at the time, I could not think of anything that I could do to improve things.

When I first came into contact with coMra-Therapy I discovered a way of treating that is not widely known or available. I found a safe device which any adult with a basic knowledge of hygiene and biology could use to improve his or her health and heal him or herself should the need arise, in a practical manner, and adapted to the modern busy-busy style.

My experiences with the Delta have made me glad about my discovery and my new role in spreading coMra-Therapy and Delta Laser in Bulgaria.