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Keeping in shape with coMra

Martedì, 28 Ottobre 2014 06:44   |   Scritto da 
Michail Tsvetanov

I have been using coMra to stay fit and meet the demands of my athletic activities, combined with my daily job, family, and often late night work to catch up with projects. I never stop to be amazed at the ability of coMra to keep me in shape, or help me regenerate faster. Just recently I played an exhausting whole day tournament in a 6-a-side football competition, where I got injured and thanks to coMra I could get back in shape in an extremely short time. It was a very hot sunny day and my team did not have enough players to rotate on the field, so we played with only two substitutes for the entire tournament. I got a knee strike in my left thigh during the first game and could barely walk on that leg, but I had to finish the game and also keep playing throughout the day.

Immediately after that game I took my Delta Laser, which I carry with me to any sports activity, and started treating my thigh with a combination of the 5 Hz, 50 Hz and Variable settings for 5 minutes each, using the Medical terminal. I kept playing in the following games and then in the third game I got another painful knee strike, this time in my right thigh. Now I had both legs injured, but had to continue playing and support my team. So I kept treating my thighs with coMra between the games and added also a treatment for my adrenal glands at 5 Hz and 50 Hz for two minutes on every gland, which helped keep my stamina high. Throughout the day the pain in my thighs would subside between games to a level that enabled me to start the next match, although during the games as I played I could feel the pain increase again.

Eventually I finished the tournament, but my physical state was very impaired. I walked with difficulty and felt completely exhausted - it seemed that I had overloaded and overheated my body. When I got home that evening I did another combination of treatments for my legs and also a systemic one for the whole body, combining points from the Universal 4 and 5 treatments in the Delta Laser User Guide. I did another complex series of treatments over the course of Sunday and kept treating my injured thighs. By the evening of Sunday I felt about 80% better. To support the regeneration process coMra had already initiated I paid special attention to my diet and rest over the weekend and made sure to add plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and cheese, and to have enough sleep.

On Monday morning I felt my overall stamina to be about 90%. I could still feel pain in my thighs and especially using stairs was painful, but the pain level was about 25% of what it was on Saturday evening. I had to play a regular 6-a-side season game on Monday evening and I did not believe I would be able to regenerate that fast after the tournament, given the physical state I had been in. However when the time for the game on Monday came I felt really strong and there was no tiredness whatsoever. The pain in my thighs subsided by the afternoon and it took only a good warm up to dissolve it completely. I played at 100% and even after the match I still felt full of energy. Our team won the game and I was so happy that I have the best personal "therapist" available to me 24/7 wherever I go. I found it amazing how coMra was able to help me regenerate in such a short time.

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2 commenti

  • Venerdì, 07 Novembre 2014 18:04   |   inviato da Michail Tsvetanov
    Michail Tsvetanov

    Dear Milen,

    When I started using coMra 4 years ago, I used to stick strictly to the treatment protocols from the UG and do entire treatment courses for two-three weeks. With time my approach changed and I noticed that I started making coMra more and more part of my daily life style, which means I do not do long treatment blocks anymore, but I do rather use coMra regularly, here and there, one day or two, few days in a row, or with breaks in between, pretty much listening to what my body and current physical and mental condition needs. There are periods when I would not touch the Delta for weeks, but since I returned to active and regular sports activities since couple of years, I do rather tend to use coMra regularly to keep myself in good shape. I noticed that this approach is perfect for prevention, but also when there is a onslaught of disease or injury comes, my body is able to react to coMra extremely fast now.

    Hope this helps!

    With warm regards,

  • Martedì, 04 Novembre 2014 15:52   |   inviato da Milen Ivanov
    Milen Ivanov

    Dear Michail,

    Do you use Universal programs of coMra Therapy like, for example, Vitality outside the active football season? What are the results?

    I am interested, because - obviously - you are pretty observant of the condition of your body.

    Thanks in advance!

Riguardo all'autore: Since my early childhood my inner natural curiosity has served as a driving force for exploring and getting to know my-self and the world out there better, as well as to recognise the inner Self and the world we live in for the mysteries they both are. Sports and physical activity have always played a major role in this endeavour, serving as my unique way to express myself and also as my means to search and discover. When in 2009 I met my friends and collaborators from Radiant Life Technologies, I started realising that my life had not been a mere series of coincidental events, but rather a set of seemingly independent experiences carrying similar patterns, and forming my life as one interdependent and interconnected whole, which I simply call my Path. Since 2009, I have experienced the unprecedented way in which coMra-Therapy supports the organism, so that it has now become an integral part of my everyday life. My posts here are an expression of my unceasing appreciation for coMra and the honour that has been entrusted in me through being a part of Radiant Life Technologies.