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Damaged Vocal cords and Osteoporosis in an Elderly Lady

Sabato, 10 Marzo 2012 13:40   |   Scritto da 
Charles Mitchley

Claudi Lemoine, Clinical Massage, Hermanus.

“A lady of 68 came with osteoporosis in her back and right hip. She had a very stiff body and a little voice almost like someone who is too shy to talk. I started to treat her along her spine following the User Guide. But she then said that her trouble was more on the hips. So I spent more time there after the two first treatments. At the next appointment, she asked me to spend time as well if possible on her vocal cords, as she could feel ‘vague’ improvement in her shoulders, and so I did this. Her vocal cords had been damaged during an operation to fuse two cervical vertebrae a few years back."

“Although every time she came she whispered that ‘she was scared that it was not working for her', her face was more open and bright, she limped less, and had more stamina to talk. With her voice, after only the second treatment we could notice the difference, with her hip we saw the difference after the ninth. I treated for 2 to 5 min per point, and before the tenth appointment, she acknowledged that the pain had subdued enough for her to be able to walk along the beach path with her husband.

“I gave her two weeks to rest while she will be in Cape Town, and we will continue until she will be satisfied.”

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2 commenti

  • Lunedì, 05 Novembre 2012 20:35   |   inviato da Charles Mitchley
    Charles Mitchley

    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you for your question.

    The lady's vocal cords had been damaged during an operation on her spine. When she started treatments with this therapist the lady was able to speak, but very hoarsely, and with difficulty. Improvement in her voice and ease of talking was noted after the second treatment. By the end of her 9th treatment there was a slight amount of hoarseness remaining, and the other important thing for this lady was that her speech was now effortless. The lady did not need to return for further courses of treatment.

    We trust that this information will help you, but please contact us again if we can assist further in any way.

  • Lunedì, 05 Novembre 2012 13:54   |   inviato da Dennis Pikes
    Dennis Pikes

    Being a voice teacher for many years I am very interested to know what happened subsequently to the 68 year old lady with damaged vocal cords. Did her voice return in some way? If so how?

    with thanks


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