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Treatment with the Delta in Fibromyalgia

Mercoledì, 07 Marzo 2012 15:09   |   Scritto da 
Charles Mitchley

Helen H. from Knysna, South Africa

“The night I had my first nervous breakdown was the start of my erratic health condition. For three months I struggled to keep sane between constant hot and cold flushes; uncontrollable shaking; heart palpitations; intense pain in all limbs; headaches; sinusitis; nausea; stomach cramps; kidney pain and insomnia. I was diagnosed with kidney failure, severe arthritis, brucellosis, low immune, poor nervous system and heart failure. Fearing the worst I visited a cardiologist. Following a series of tests the results concluded I had Fibromyalgia, aka Emotional Stress Overload.

“Fibromyalgia is a chemical imbalance in the brain resulting inextreme low pain threshold and heightened sensitivity. It can affect bones, nervous system, all internal organs and the head. When an organ signals it has a problem the body reacts accordingly. However due to an emotional blockage the message is actually incorrect – there is no problem with the physical body. Sounded like a broken telephone to me. Only difference was this wasn't a game, it was my life.

As there is no known medical cure for fibromyalgia, the cardiologist suggested I look at alternate and holistic healing techniques.

“Immediately after my session of using Comra Delta Therapy I felt the pain subside from the areas where the machine had been focused. For the first time in two months I could walk upright. I continued to use CDT for a period of four weeks, all the while feeling slowly better, stronger and healthier. In conjunction with CDT I rested well, drank plenty of purified water and ate mainly fresh fruit and vegetables.

“I recommend the CDT to all who have not yet tried it!”

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I am committed to supporting the worldwide growth of coMra-Therapy as a result of first-hand experience of its results on people with pain and chronic illness. I work with doctors, nurses and individuals in many areas, to help bring an understanding of coMra and how it can best be applied in the treatment of a variety of conditions. Working together with, and helping different people is for me a Path with a Heart.