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Testimonial: Osteoarthritis

I have been diagnosed with mild generalized osteoarthritis and have experienced pain, swelling and discomfort in my joints for twenty years. Over the past few years, my right knee has become more painful and I was noticing a significant decrease in my range of motion and ability to do simple tasks. I treated my right knee with the Delta Laser for two weeks and I am amazed at the results. Within the first few days, I noticed an increase in my energy level and a decrease in the discomfort and swelling. I also had less stiffness first thing in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time. After a week of treatment, ascending and descending stairs became easier and I was able to straighten my leg fully without pain. I do realize that this is not a cure for my arthritis, but it definitely has improved my quality of life and ability to stay active. I am purchasing my own Delta Laser so that I can treat my other arthritic joints and also share it with my family. I am very grateful for the opportunity to trial this valuable technology and look forward to continued good health.