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Testimonial: Trauma

Had a motorcycle accident on 9 July, 2012, hurt my left knee, right forearm right upper arm and my right side torso. My left knee was swollen and bruised and I could not straighten it out, my right forearm was also swollen and bruised with the bruising encompassing almost the entire arm, my right upper arm stiffened up the day after the accident and I could not put it over my head. I had difficulty sleeping because of the pulled muscle in my right torso and my right upper arm. I had to try to sleep on my left side the first night with the pain waking me up whenever I moved. I did a treatment with the Delta the following day and after one treatment I had the full range of motion back in my right arm. I also was able to sleep through the night following the first treatment and slept soundly through the night after the second day of treatment. Now my knee only "twinges" if I accidentally pull it to the side (example: getting into the car), the swelling and bruising are gone and full range of motion is back. The bruise on my right forearm which encompassed almost the whole thing is now almost completely gone. It dissipated much more quickly than my left knee which did not receive treatment immediately. And the right torso pain is now localised whereas before it was generalised and there is no bruising, the intensity of the pain is decreased and I am able to sleep through the night. Started treatment July 10, 2012 finished treatment July 24, 2012