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Male, 25, worker, quadruple muscle (hip) squeezed by a machine. Acute pain, walking impossible. After just one treatment drove his car, after 3 treatments back to normal.

Dryanovo, Bulgaria

I have been using my Delta Laser now since it arrived last Friday, I started my diabetes course immediately and can already feel better. Firstly my head is much clearer when I wake up in the morning, my energy levels have been put to the test this weekend and I am much more able to cope. I am also treating the pain in my back, which was...

Merilyn Bonifacio, York, United Kingdom

For eight of my dog’s 15 years he was on high doses of steroids and antihistamines every spring and summer to ease allergies that caused him incredible discomfort. He bit his paws raw, had multiple ear infections and his skin was pink, scabbed and inflamed. I gave him daily laser treatments that focused on his immune system for four months...

Vancouver, Canada

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