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"My first introduction to the Delta laser was over two years ago, following very harsh cold weather my trigeminal nerve flared up. This presented itself with continual facial pain throughout the day. The pain I experienced was a constant, creepy like, hot, tightening sensation running along the left side of my face, jaw and forehead -...

Elaine Mulcair, Waterford, Ireland

In late 2010, after 4 sessions with a podiatrist who tried everything but surgery to rid my big toe of 5 warts, I decided to try the Delta technology on it. I had help from Avril with the first half-dozen sessions, and then decided to rent the unit and continue. It seemed like a good test of the idea. The podiatrist, who was very diligent...

Vancouver, Canada

I did a three week treatment of my face with the Delta Aesthetic. I applied the Aesthetic every evening for 5 minutes on each side of my face, plus forehead - in total 15 min on 1000 Hz each day (scanning the skin). After the first 3-4 days I started noticing that the skin on my face was more radiant and shiny - I could see something was...

Prague, Czech Republic

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