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I dislocated my knee in a rugby game. My ACL, PCL and MCL ligaments were completely torn through and the Miniscus Cartilage was torn all the way around. I was seriously worried if I would ever be able to walk properly again let alone keep fit. The surgeon said that it was the worst case of its type that he had ever seen, and the doctor on...

Coenraad, Cape Town, South Africa

This lady had 4th stage coxarthrosis of both hip joints, which required a hip joint endoprosthesis. During the second operation the ischial nerve was damaged. As a result, there was very strong neuropathic pain – besides the usual pain after a hip joint endoprosthesis operation. The foot itself was "declining" during walking. Therefore a...

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

I stepped on a sharp metal edge and cut deeply the sole of my left foot. The wound was about 6cm in length and 3-4mm deep. The local doctor told me to go to hospital to get the wound sealed and patched up. Since I had my Delta Laser with me I decided to skip the visit to the hospital and heal the wound with the Delta Laser only. I started...

Prague, Czech Republic

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