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One morning in July 2012 I got up and stepped onto the corner edge of a low, floor-level bed frame. I was a guest in a house where I wasn't used to things. I put my full weight on it and the pain was immense. My foot was heavily bruised and cut and I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. I immediately started treating the affected area...

London, United Kingdom

This old man came to me for a single treatment for he was to leave for his holidays somewhere up country. The day before he had fallen hard on one buttock which was then seriously bruised over the head of the femur. The bruise was over 5cm in diameter with a blue-black hematoma, and his side was twice the normal size. The man came with his...

Hermanus, South Africa

Since using the Delta for my Hip Pain due to arthritic changes, I have found immediate relief following just 3 days of use. I tend to stop using it when the pain goes away. But alas, the pain does return, so I go back to using it again. It is rather quick just 15 minutes per side. I can feel the healing occurring when I use the Delta. There...

G. Beasley OD, FAAO, FCOVD, Charlotte, United States

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