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The New δeltaPro Laser

We are proud to announce our flagship product of the DeltaSeries Lasers – the new DeltaPro Laser with 905nm and 980nm technology, bringing to the professional the full potential of coMra-Therapy.

980nm technology – The Delta Laser with the 980nm near infrared laser diode is our first device to fully implement the principles of coMra-Therapy. The 980nm technology has already proved itself as a highly effective healing modality. It provides gentle overall support and focuses on gradually building up the body’s own resources and immune and regenerative abilities. The supportive action of the 980nm laser means that it can be used safely at home for a wide range of conditions, for infants, animals, the elderly, as well as for gradually building the strength of the body where there has been extreme pre-existing energy depletion.


Introducing 905nm technology – The 905nm DeltaPro Laser introduces a specialised approach for qualified professionals to treat specific conditions. One of the benefits of this specialised approach is that at a wavelength of 905nm light is about 6 times less absorbed in water (blood/lymph) than at 980nm, thus allowing more energy to be delivered directly into deeper target tissues. One of the consequences of this is that the 905nm wavelength used in the DeltaPro Laser has a stronger impact upon the organism as a whole. This means that in certain conditions, this stronger impact will bring about faster healing, and will require fewer treatments. Frequency of treatments may also be reduced.

The DeltaPro Set includes both 905nm and 980nm wavelength terminals to expand the range of options available to professionals. The 905nm Delta’s stronger impact, offering an enhanced stimulation of energy metabolism, is most beneficial for treating chronic diseases and mental conditions. In other cases, the gentle and supportive effect of 980nm technology on energy metabolism will be found to be more suitable whenever gradual building of the organism’s resilience is sought, as well as for treating infants, animals, the elderly and for the wide range of conditions encountered in general home use.

Please contact us for more information, including the science and clinical data concerning the 905nm and 980nm wavelengths and their positive effects.

Professional's Observations?


Dr P Zlatev MD – “I have extensive experience with the 905nm Medical terminal. On average the 905nm heals faster than 980 nm by a factor of at least 3/2. Therefore, I prefer it for my practice even though I had no Probe Terminal and had to deal without it or ask patients with, for example, sinusitis, to visit me at home where I could treat them with my own 980nm Delta. I have now just received a 905nm Probe and I am using it regularly. I am healing my own very serious ischialgia with my 980nm Delta. I also give treatments with it at home to my neighbours.

Introducing the 905nm for treatments of my patients I find is all a matter of approach. I always explain beforehand that in the beginning the pain may go down or go up, or “change shape” so to speak. The important thing is that if there is change, there will be results from the healing. So, I ask my patients to observe themselves and report back to me each day, and I also insist they stick with the treatments for at least 2 weeks (meaning 10 treatments). Usually long before end of the 2 weeks everybody notices the positive effects. My observation is that after 4th procedure noticeable improvement – both subjective & objective – occurs.”


Assoc. Prof M Ivanov PhD – "In my experience 905 nm Medical Terminal has amazingly fast effect on head lumps (tested on our son:) and skin bruises (especially fresh ones). With one or two treatments they reduce in hours and - because it is visible - even I got deeply impressed! So, 905 nm could have HUGE potential for skin disorders, and – perhaps – for Beauticians".


How Does it Come?

The DeltaProLaser is a Complete Set of 2 Hand Devices, and seven dedicated Terminals to suit professionals:
Each DeltaPro set is packaged in a durable and watertight Pelican® case. Custom-made silicone inserts hold all parts of the DeltaPro set. The inserts are fabricated out of specialised silicone that is easy to sterilise and is widely used in medical practices.

Who is it For ?

For the Professional – The DeltaPro Laser has a wide range of applications and is thus ideal for any physician, specialist or therapist who wishes to offer holistic medical care of the highest effectiveness to his/her patients.

The DeltaPro is designed for practice use to maximise treatments:

  • 2 x Hand Devices and 7 x Terminals allow for simultaneous treatments
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster return on investment
  • Quick selection of optimal wavelength to suit specific patients/conditions

In coMra-Therapy the synergy of four radiances provides a highly effective overall healing effect, and avoids the use of higher intensities in traditional monotherapies that use individually laser, magnetic field, ultrasound and visible light. This unique feature makes coMra-Therapy completely safe and free of side-effects.


What’s in the Box?

Each DeltaPro Laser is fully tested and comes with a User Guide listing treatments for over 200 conditions. Also included are detailed Operating Instructions, 2 X Power Banks (each one for up to 27 hours of 'any time, anyplace' portable use), a fully sterilisable silicone insert and a strong Pelican® case to protect your investment.
Please contact us for more information, including the science and clinical data concerning the 905nm and 980nm wavelengths and their positive effects.

Tech Specs

Technical specifications and feature details for our latest DeltaSeries Low-level Lasers and accessories.


The δeltaSeries Laser

Our unique healing device combining the four radiances into one coherent and focussed healing message to the body.


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