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The new book “Health & Holism in the 21st Century”

Jueves, 08 Enero 2015 12:13   |   Escrito por 

Health, the crucial thrust of the book "Health & Holism in the 21st Century", is understood and therefore approached as achieving not only physical, but also emotional and mental health. Based on this approach the main purpose of the book is about learning to take care of our own health.

Any dis-ease in our lives manifests firstly at a psychological level. Unless this is addressed and remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease. It is consequently very important to address and treat not only what appears on the physical level, but also to work on understanding and revealing a cause of disease. This brings the knowledge we have been lacking, and which was responsible for making us ill at the beginning.

So treating a disease itself and also working with its cause or causes, which come together with correcting the mindset, are proper considerations that are the attributes of true healing.

Holism‘s values lie in regarding the individual as one whole, where his or her constituent parts are completely and thoroughly interrelated, interactive and therefore also interdependent. Our well-being, prosperity and happiness depends upon understanding and living this simple and irrevocable law, but this also means that in doing so, each of us paints a picture in our lives of the greater whole that reflects the condition of each part. Both the individual and the greater whole, of which he or she is a part, are one hundred percent dependent upon one another. This means that one cannot flourish without the other, and one cannot perish without the other also perishing.

From all above it is clear that holism is about each and every individual making the required effort to uplift him or herself, and the result of this effort is that the greater whole becomes uplifted too.

However, even in the 21st Century we still do not truly believe that we create our own reality, and unfortunately we behave as if Life is happening outside of us. Alternatively, we focus on what was happening in the past or will be happening in the future, rather than remembering that Life is happening now and that we ourselves create the reality of our lives now.

Since the world situation today is the result of our own actions, then we likewise have the power within ourselves to change the world into whatever we would like it to be. Had our perception of ourselves and the world been different, we would not have a world crisis to face and contend with. So, we can either see ourselves as being victims of our circumstances, or we can see that the crisis we are facing is in fact our gap to freedom that we ourselves have created, albeit by default.

But where do we start in creating for ourselves a new reality and a new world in which we would like to live? The answer is very simple, but like most simple things in life, not so easy to implement.

Right here and right now what do we have available to us? This answer is even simpler than the previous one: we have ourselves. So, before we rush off to save the world let us never forget that charity starts at home; therefore before we can save anyone or anything else, we must first be able to save ourselves. By doing this we also lead by our own example, which is the most effective and in fact the only real way to “teach”.

Saving ourselves also implies finding balance within ourselves and with the world around us on all levels: the physical, emotional and mental.

The ability to live in balance while facing life’s challenges, or to cope with and heal dis-eases to the best of our ability, is offered to us within this book. The practical advice, together with the patented method of healing offered by coMra-Therapy, which supports the body’s innate intelligence, the recipes, a doorway to understanding oneself, and other significantly valuable insights, allow us to change our lives and therefore to become much more self-sufficient.

Chapters in the book deal with the significant value of balanced diet, healthy food, offer valuable information about carbohydrate in food, as well as offering us a selection of healthy and tasty recipes and practical advice for preparing dishes.

From food we move to the magic of herbs and their use in chapters that focus on creating a home apothecary, methods for the preparation of herbs, recipes for teas, tinctures, oils, poultices and ointments, sitz baths and washes.

For serious work on the self detailed information is offered regarding diseases and their causes, and this is supported by a chapter explaining the technique of the deep relaxation exercise. Complementing all of the above in terms of self-sufficiency are recipes for making your own home products, like for example, tooth powder, perfumes and aftershaves.

I personally would like to express my strong belief that this book offers many deep insights that can help anyone to achieve a real and intelligent grasp of themselves, and also shows us how all of Life is interrelated, interactive and therefore also interdependent.


This article quotes extracts and parts of sentences from the original book "Health & Holism in the 21st Century", written by Théun Mares, since they correspond with my personal views regarding the subjects that are being dealt with.

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Since my early childhood I knew exactly what I was going to do as a profession. However, being a person who loves changes this feeling, then conviction, grew to a firm decision and has never changed. I always wanted to work in service to support and help people with their health problems. I studied in nursing school and worked in health services for some years. Then I got an offer to go abroad and this meant that I had to learn English. Thanks to this opportunity to learn the language I not only built a business, but a door was also opened for me to discover so much more.

In 2009 I went through many inner changes and after this my life started becoming more real. The same year, only several months afterwards, I met the most special and beloved Théun Mares, together with all my wonderful extraordinary friends from RLT and also Elizabeth, who is also the heart of the Institute for the Study of Man.

I have always felt that the essence of every person does not only lie in our physical make-up, and that there is something else that makes us real.

Understanding this I also knew that the true healing process is not only about healing the body. The key is rather in addressing the person as a whole. Searching for causes, trying to understand and work with all connections, supporting people in finding their own answers on their way to inner freedom, joy and peace is for me a Path with a Heart.