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The Delta in the Resolution of a Serious Foot Wound

Jueves, 08 Marzo 2012 15:14   |   Escrito por 
Charles Mitchley

Ben B. from Gordon's Bay, South Africa

The patient is a man in his late 50s whose left foot was run over by a truck in 1969. His foot has given him problems ever since. He had seen a number of different specialists over the years, but the difficulties with his foot persisted. In January 2011 the patient underwent a surgical procedure whereby a flap of muscle from the patient's right thigh had been removed, and then attached it to the top of his foot. However, the procedure was not successful, in that the flap had come away from the foot, and the resulting wound was not being resolved to any appreciable extent.

In the light of the lack of progress, the use of the Delta on the woundwas discussed with the medical professionals, and it was agreed that the patient would benefit from this.

Treatment commenced on 18/2/2011. Over the next 10 days the patient was treated 3 times. Photo 1 already shows new tissue growth. It was taken on 23/2/2011, 5 days after the first treatment.

Photo 2 shows additional improvements. It was taken on 2/3/2011.

It had been arranged for the patient to have a further surgical procedure on Friday 4/3/2011. This procedure involved taking a muscle flap from the patient's left calf, and attach this to the top of the left foot.

However, on the day of the surgery, the surgeon established that there was now sufficient new tissue growth, and therefore it was not necessary to take the flesh flap from the patient's calf muscle. Therefore, a simple skin graft was carried out instead.

Because the originally-envisaged procedure was no longer necessary, the patient was now discharged from hospital on Sunday 6/3/2011, instead of the following Tuesday/Wednesday, as planned.

The patient was very happy to have avoided the calf flap procedure, and also to have saved time and additional expense in the hospital.

Following on from this, the Delta laser was applied regularly to the wound, which continued to show improvements. Photos 3 and 4 show the improvements on 11/4/2011 and 2/5/2011 respectively.

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