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Todos benefician del poder curativo de coMra y del láser δelta

Si usted es un médico, un curandero, un dentista, un esteticista, un botánico, un veterinario, o simplemente una persona cualquiera sin ningún conocimiento médico, pero que desea tener más responsabilidad para su propia salud y la de su familia y animales domésticos, coMra es para usted.

coMra y el láser Delta es también para los deportistas, atletas, ciclistas, gimnastas, bailarines, corredores, excursionistas, montañeros, y cualquier persona que quiere mantenerse en forma y estimular su sistema inmunológico contra las enfermedades.

El efecto Delta

We are proud to announce that new research carried out by our R&D Department has just been published in a renowned peer-reviewed scientific journal:

Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.

The article,


starts at page 23.

Some of the thought-provoking questions considered are:

  • Generally speaking, acute pain has a clear life-preserving function: once we are aware of pain and its cause, we can take corrective action to avoid the latter, which is quite literally destroying the body.
  • But primary headaches, such as migraine, seem to occur without any apparent pathophysiological changes, unlike secondary headaches due to trauma, infection, cancer, intoxication, etc.
  • What then causes migraine, the third most common disease in the world?
  • And if there is a cause, what corrective action can we take if we hope to heal migraine and other types of headaches?

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

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Surgical removal of the third tonsil, or adenoid, is considered relatively safe and straightforward and, therefore, it is often recommended as an easy solution to ENT (ear-nose-throat) problems in children.

Yet, the third tonsil is not without function and the surgical intervention does not pass without stress and emotional trauma, at least. So, it is wise to consider if surgery is really necessary after all.

For those unfamiliar, let us start with few well-known facts. The quotes below are from KidsHealth website, but the facts are easily found in many other places.

So, what are adenoids anyway? They're a patch of tissue that sits at the very back of the nasal passage. The adenoids help to stop bacteria and viruses from entering the body through the nose.

In kids, adenoids usually begin to shrink after about 5 years of age and often practically disappear by the teen years.

Because adenoids trap germs that enter the body, adenoid tissue can temporarily swell as it tries to fight off an infection. These symptoms are often associated with enlarged adenoids.


How can coMra Therapy help to spare the scalpel? The following interview from 2010 is self-explanatory.

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I have been using coMra to stay fit and meet the demands of my athletic activities, combined with my daily job, family, and often late night work to catch up with projects. I never stop to be amazed at the ability of coMra to keep me in shape, or help me regenerate faster. Just recently I played an exhausting whole day tournament in a 6-a-side football competition, where I got injured and thanks to coMra I could get back in shape in an extremely short time. It was a very hot sunny day and my team did not have enough players to rotate on the field, so we played with only two substitutes for the entire tournament. I got a knee strike in my left thigh during the first game and could barely walk on that leg, but I had to finish the game and also keep playing throughout the day.


Fracturing a rib is a very painful experience, and it usually occurs through a direct blow to the ribs. Considering that your lungs expand and contract on each inhalation and exhalation, having fractured ribs will cause severe pain and discomfort while the bones heal.

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La mayoría de las personas tienen amigos o familiares que sufren de dolor crónico. Hoy en día, el manejo del dolor crónico es un problema creciente. La investigación ha indicado que más de 1,5 mil millones de personas en todo el mundo sufren de dolor crónico, y que el dolor crónico debilita hasta una cuarta parte de todos los adultos en los Estados Unidos.(2) En Sudáfrica, donde hay mucho menos estadísticas, se estima que el dolor de espalda le cuesta al país miles de millones de dólares anuales. El dolor de espalda es también la principal causa de discapacidad en Sudáfrica para los trabajadores de edades comprendidas entre los 19 y 45. (1)

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