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This lady had 4th stage coxarthrosis of both hip joints, which required a hip joint endoprosthesis. During the second operation the ischial nerve was damaged. As a result, there was very strong neuropathic pain – besides the usual pain after a hip joint endoprosthesis operation. The foot itself was "declining" during walking. Therefore a...

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

A self-employed male whose main work is manual. For 4 years the man had chronic pain in the trapezius, in the area of T10. The pain was present during periods of inactivity, but it became severe while he was working. He started treatments with the Delta laser in July 2011, using the following program: Medical terminal; Variable and 1000Hz,...

Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

I must say that I am very pleased with the results that I received. I saw the changes happen, but I still wondered if my nail would be fully healed. I decided to persevere as I have experienced many positive results from coMra-Therapy and not all of those results happened over night. I am glad I continued, since a full restoration of my nail...

Miami, United States

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