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In late 2010, after 4 sessions with a podiatrist who tried everything but surgery to rid my big toe of 5 warts, I decided to try the Delta technology on it. I had help from Avril with the first half-dozen sessions, and then decided to rent the unit and continue. It seemed like a good test of the idea. The podiatrist, who was very diligent...

Vancouver, Canada

We used the Delta Laser to treat our 4 year-old son's ear infection, and the results were excellent. We did not let the doctor perforate the ear, which is the usual approach in our country, but instead started with intensive coMra treatments 4 times a day. Our son did not complain of ear pain anymore. After four days of treatment the doctor...

Prague, Czech Republic

Before this lady started treatments with the Delta, she suffered from asthma attacks as well as symptoms of hay fever. Since using the Delta (Dec 2011) she had no more asthma attacks or symptoms of hay fever. No medication was taken.

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

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