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DeltaPro Set – Includes 2 x Hand Devices, 7 x Terminals, 7 x Sheaths, 2 x 7800 mAh Power Banks, printed User Guide and Operating Instructions.


DeltaPro Set


The new, enhanced version DeltaPro Low-level Laser healing device combines infrared laser, colour, magnetism and ultrasound into one coherent and focused operation.

The DeltaPro Set includes both 905nm and 980nm wavelength terminals to expand the range of options available to professionals. The 905nm Delta's stronger impact, offering an enhanced stimulation of energy metabolism, is most beneficial for treating chronic diseases and mental conditions. In other cases, the gentle and supportive effect of 980nm technology on energy metabolism will be found to be more suitable whenever gradual building of the organism's resilience is sought, as well as for treating infants, animals, the elderly and for the wide range of conditions encountered in general home use.

The DeltaPro can be used in your practice as well as literally everywhere, with its USB Port compatibility and electrical adapter, plus 2 X 4000 mAh Power Banks covering up to 54 hours of constant, portable use. Hot-swap facility and timing count-down indicator ensure a smooth, swift running of the different programs, making this version a must for those professionals who need to swap terminals often, and for the home user wishing to treat a variety of conditions.

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