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Printed Beauty & Wellness User Guide - Listing over 120 treatments


Delta Beauty & Wellness User Guide

Printed Version in English


For health imbalances and age-related deterioration. The uses of coMra and the Delta Series Low-level Laser are not limited to illness, but extend to a wide variety of circumstances in which the body has become stressed or depleted, for any number of reasons, due to health or lifestyle – or simply the effects of ageing. Therefore treatments are invaluable for recuperation and recovery, for trauma and surgical operations, as well as to offset the ravaging effects of old age. In addition, many people today are finding that their lifestyles are causing them increasing levels of stress.

To reduce the debilitating effects of these factors on the body, treatments include cosmetology, pain, coMra foundation support treatments, coMra non-depleting cleansing programs, body balancing, female and male reproductive support, nervous system disorders, autoimmune skin disorders.

This high quality printed Beauty and Wellness additional version to the Delta User Guide in English features over 120 treatments for a wide range of conditions.

Each Treatment describes what Terminal is needed, treatment times, the laser frequency to be employed, and the area of the body needing treatment, with clear illustrations for easy understanding.

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