Our Approach to Healing

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An Holistic Approach to Healing, Well-Being and Self-Sufficiency

Great civilisations have come and gone, and each civilisation has had its own unique methods of achieving physical, emotional and mental health. Yet when one studies any of these ancient healing arts, it becomes apparent that, like fine arts and culture, healing arts are always a reflection of the general level of awareness present in that particular civilisation.

No one can deny that the 20th century marked huge achievements in the fields of science and practical medicine. This is primarily due to the vast improvements made in clinical, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, to perfecting surgical skill, and to the development of pharmacotherapy (medical drugs). However, despite this huge advancement in modern-day healing, we cannot ignore the many disastrous side-effects of the drugs as prescribed by many modern day physicians.

...we cannot ignore the disastrous side-effects of drugs prescribed by many modern day physicians.

21st Century Healing – Enter coMra-Therapy

45 years ago a complementary approach to treating a growing array of illnesses emerged. Its safety has since been tried and tested in laboratories, hospitals, clinics and private homes throughout the world. Today it goes under the name of Low-level Laser Therapy. Now, with the advent of coMra-Therapy, we have made unique additions to the use of lasers, magnetism, low-level ultrasound and also LED lights – all of which have been equally proven, but which now are all combined to work coherently in ONE device.

The most qualified doctor for any disease is the inherent intelligence of our own body. We at RLT recognise and respect this innate intelligence and complexity of the body. Therefore, rather than interfere and suppress, coMra-Therapy supports the natural ability of the body to heal itself and function at its optimum.

We respect the innate intelligence of the body

Maybe you are at risk?
Don't harm yourself!

The Hippocratic Oath includes this promise – "Primum non nocere". It is a Latin phrase that means "First, do no harm". coMra-Therapy, the first in a line of pioneering 21st Century technologies, meets that promise. It is designed, developed and offered by us as our contribution to a new, responsible and healthier 21st century civilisation. We hope that Hippocrates would have been proud.


Providing the physical body with all the necessary conditions it needs for what it alone is most qualified to do: namely, to heal itself.


The δeltaSeries Laser

Our unique healing device combining the four radiances into one coherent and focussed healing message to the body.


We would like to talk

Our people are on hand to share with you their experience, and to speak about how coMra-Therapy can help you. We have people located all around the world!