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I had mild eczema on one leg, it was very itchy and after several days I did not find any relief from the use of drugs and ointments. I decided to use the Delta Laser, which I had taken home on a rental basis in order to check its effectiveness, and I did the treatment Meridian 3. To my surprise, both the discomfort and the condition were...

Enza, Bergamo, Italy

Sinusitis: Excellent results. 3 to 5 treatments open the blocked sinuses even in chronic cases.

Dryanovo, Bulgaria

I burned myself with hot milk. A blister started to form. It was painful. I kept it for a few minutes under cold water but the pain came back. After about 15 minutes I used the Delta Laser for 5-7 minutes on 1000 Hz. A few minutes later the pain reduced and then stopped. I then forgot all about it. 20 hours later I can see only a red spot....

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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