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Testimonial: Swelling of the knee due to liquid inside

I am 81 and I like to walk, to go on my bicycle to the center of the village and do my shopping. I love my little garden, where I cultivate vegetables and flowers. Some months ago I had surgery in my knee - meniscus - and for a long time I could not do my things. Furthermore the knee did not heal well, it was painful, swollen, and a liquid was produced. I decided to try this device called Delta, because I thought it was a beautiful technology and I saw it was easy, even at my age, to use it. It felt good that I was able to handle my own problem by myself. I did a treatment for 15 days, twice daily. No more pain, no more swelling, and here I go with my bike again. I helped my neighbour too (she had the same problem) and I felt useful again.