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Testimonial: Coxarthrosis

This lady had 4th stage coxarthrosis of both hip joints, which required a hip joint endoprosthesis. During the second operation the ischial nerve was damaged. As a result, there was very strong neuropathic pain – besides the usual pain after a hip joint endoprosthesis operation. The foot itself was "declining" during walking. Therefore a supporting splint had to be put on for walking (all day). Crutches were also used every day for walking. Regular daily treatments with the Delta Laser started in December 2011, and after first month the very severe pain stopped. By this time the foot was functioning, as well as the whole leg, there was no need for either a supporting splint or crutches, except on very long walks over very uneven or hilly terrain. Now pain occurs only rarely and when it does occur, its intensity is less than one third of normal levels. Treatment courses are continuing.