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I had over-sensitive teeth that were terribly susceptible to hot and cold liquids consumed. I also felt a cavity coming on. I looked through the Delta Users Guide and found the treatment that deals with "tonsillitis". I just did an offshoot of what was recommended for 3 minutes at 5 Hz on each side of my cheek for a week. I am just amazed...

Spruce Grove, Canada

A six year-old boy injured his big toe resulting in purulent inflammation. The injury was about two centimeters in diameter. Treatments were done locally until resolution for 8 days, once daily.

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Some time ago I started waking up at night with a feeling of numbness in my right hand. In the following weeks this occurred more frequently, also in the daytime, and the sensation went from tingling to actual pain in the hand and wrist, sometimes extending to the elbow, to a point that I had to stay off work. My doctor prescribed...

Anna, Parma, Italy

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