Introducing coMra & the δelta

coMra-Therapy & the δelta Laser
How Does it Work?

The infrared laser provides the energetic stimulus for healing. This additional energy is vital for the healing process to take place in the diseased cells that are, as a rule, already in energetic deficit.

The four basic colours provide the message to the healer within; that is, regenerate or rejuvenate, depending upon what is being treated. All of this is done through:
a) the actual frequencies used for both the infrared laser as well as the four colours;
b) the specific sequence and the geometry in which the radiances are used.

The magnetism provides a force field for two purposes:
a) It acts as a channel for keeping all the radiances focussed and directed;
b) It determines the effective depth the other radiances penetrate the subcutaneous layer.

The ultrasound provides a gentle but firm impetus, allowing the diseased cells to reorganise themselves internally much more quickly. Cells become dis-eased when the cause of a particular illness leads them to become disorganised internally.

Four Radiant Energies Working Together

coMra-Therapy is based on MIL-Therapy and the principle known as Coherent Multi-Radiances. The forefathers of MIL-Therapy knew that there are essentially four radiant energies that have to be synthesised into working together as one coherent whole. These energies are:
1. Infrared laser, 2. Four basic colours: red - green - indigo violet - yellow,
3. Magnetism and 4. Ultrasound.

The Russian medical scientists who pioneered MIL-Therapy have ever since been trying to perfect this technique, but to date the modern medical lasers, as effective as they are, still only have at most: infrared lasers, magnets and red light. In June 2009, Radiant Life Technologies made what amounts to the greatest breakthrough in medical science this century: they took MIL-Therapy to a totally new level through their discovery of the much sought-after technique which now combines all four of the above-mentioned radiances into one coherently-operating whole. Radiant Life Technologies has named this greatly enhanced form of MIL-Therapy Coherent Multi-Radiance Therapy, abbreviated to coMra-Therapy.

In June 2009, Radiant
Life Technologies
made what amounts
to the greatest break-
through in medical
science this century:

Low-intensity lasers are more and more proving to be highly effective in both the treatment and the prevention of a wide variety of diseases.

Safe, Cost-Effective Medical Lasers

Medical lasers today fall into two categories: the high intensity lasers, which have proven to be a very successful alternative to physical surgery; and low intensity lasers, such as the ones developed by MIL-Therapy and now enhanced by coMra-Therapy. Since medical lasers must compete in a world dominated by allopathic medicine, it is important to note that laser treatments do not interfere with any prescribed allopathic cures, but instead enhance the positive effects of allopathic medicine.

Physicians from all countries, but especially from developing countries which cannot afford the very high and continuously escalating cost of allopathic medicine, are today turning their attention to alternative healing practices and, in particular, to complementary medicine. Today there is little doubt that quantum electronics, which led to the development of lasers, is making a huge contribution to medicine. Every day new clinical data is being added to the ever-growing proof of the very high performance of medical lasers. It is now abundantly clear that low-intensity medical lasers have inexhaustible possibilities in the realm of healing.

It is now abundantly clear
that low-intensity
medical lasers have
possibilities in the
realm of healing.

Non-invasive, life-supportive and ecologically safe way in which to effect both the treatment, as well as the prevention of the disease.

The Origins of coMra-Therapy

Certain innovative physicians over the last few decades have become very unhappy and ill-at-ease with our current understanding of life, which is based entirely upon the outdated reductionist theories that grew out of an exceedingly materialistic and mercenary approach to science. These physicians, in co-operation with engineers, physicists and scientists of other disciplines, began developing various non-invasive, life-supportive and ecologically safe ways in which to effect both the treatment, as well as the prevention, of disease.

Thus, in the 1960's we saw the birth of Low Intensity Laser Therapy and in the 1990s of MIL-Therapy, an acronym for Magnetic- Infrared-Laser Therapy – a medical therapy which most closely resembles the way in which the physical body heals itself. This was the beginning of true complementary medicine, for this technology today is designed not to interfere in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally, but instead to co-operate with the physical body that is, the healer within, by providing it with all the necessary conditions it needs for what it alone is most qualified to do: namely, to heal itself.


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