The δelta Effect

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Everyone benefits from the healing power of coMra & the δelta Laser

Whether you are a doctor, a healer, a dentist, a beautician, a botanist, a vet, or just simply a layman without any medical knowledge, but wanting to take more responsibility for your own health and that of your family and pets, coMra is for you.

coMra & the Delta Laser are also for sports people, athletes, cyclists, gymnasts, dancers, runners, hikers, mountaineers, and everyone interested in keeping fit, healthy and boosting the immune system against disease.

The Delta Effect

Cheryl Terblanche from South Africa

Cheryl was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. Since then she has had on average 2 relapses a year, mostly resulting in permanent damage. Cheryl suffered a suspected stroke in 1998, and then in 1999. Cheryl started treatments with coMra-Therapy on 1/9/2010. Her symptoms at the time included: Deaf in left ear; Fatigue; Difficulty walking; Blurred vision; Loss of muscular strength in both hands and arms; Loss of balance; Inability to digest food properly; Inability to swallow correctly (choking); Skin pain (sensitivity to touch/burning); Numbness and pins & needles; MS-Hug (intense pain); Arthritis and limited movement...

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Ben B. from Gordon's Bay, South Africa

The patient is a man in his late 50s whose left foot was run over by a truck in 1969. His foot has given him problems ever since. He had seen a number of different specialists over the years, but the difficulties with his foot persisted. In January 2011 the patient underwent a surgical procedure whereby a flap of muscle from the patient's right thigh had been removed, and then attached it to the top of his foot. However, the procedure was not successful, in that the flap had come away from the foot, and the resulting wound was not being resolved to any appreciable extent.

In the light of the lack of progress, the use of the Delta on the wound...

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Helen H. from Knysna, South Africa

“The night I had my first nervous breakdown was the start of my erratic health condition. For three months I struggled to keep sane between constant hot and cold flushes; uncontrollable shaking; heart palpitations; intense pain in all limbs; headaches; sinusitis; nausea; stomach cramps; kidney pain and insomnia. I was diagnosed with kidney failure, severe arthritis, brucellosis, low immune, poor nervous system and heart failure. Fearing the worst I visited a cardiologist. Following a series of tests the results concluded I had Fibromyalgia, aka Emotional Stress Overload.

“Fibromyalgia is a chemical imbalance in the brain resulting in...

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Welcome to the Science Spot at RLT Blog!

Here I am going to present in more detail the science of coMra-Therapy outlined in the video coMra-Therapy – A Brief Explanation, as well as the mechanisms of action of the four radiances, and a lot more in-depth information about coMra-Therapy Case Studies.

First of all, it is important to understand our vision of the role that should be played by science and technology...

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Extract from: "Phototherapy and the Peripheral Nervous System"

By Roberta Chow, M.B., B.S.(Hons.), F.R.A.C.G.P., F.A.M.A.C., Ph.D.

“Effects of laser irradiation on the peripheral nervous system (PNS) underlie the potential for phototherapy to be acknowledged as a mainstream therapy for the future. Pain and inflammation are among the most important manifestations of PNS function and the spectrum of diseases with these symptoms and signs, from osteoarthritis...

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