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Everyone benefits from the healing power of coMra & the δelta Laser

Whether you are a doctor, a healer, a dentist, a beautician, a botanist, a vet, or just simply a layman without any medical knowledge, but wanting to take more responsibility for your own health and that of your family and pets, coMra is for you.

coMra & the Delta Laser are also for sports people, athletes, cyclists, gymnasts, dancers, runners, hikers, mountaineers, and everyone interested in keeping fit, healthy and boosting the immune system against disease.

The Delta Effect

Dr Bedrosyan, could you, please, introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Anna Hachik Bedrosyan. I have lived in Varna, Bulgaria, ever since I was born. I received my MD qualification in 1975 and I have been in practice since then.

What is your background in terms of medical education, experience, and practice?

I have worked mostly at the front line, so to speak: in the Cardiology Unit of the Emergency Department and later in the Cardiology Department of Varna Marine Hospital. For several years I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. I worked for 10 years as a mainstream GP under the Government Health Fund. At present, I have a medical practice of my own.


As an athlete who loves to compete, I have found many opportunities to use my Delta for a wide range of physical ailments.  I have also found it very useful for systemic support, when the body's energy reserves are depleted from high intensity training days, as these leave the immune system weak and vulnerable to pathogens.  However, being an owner of a Delta Multi Set, I have the ability also to treat non sports-related conditions that affect millions of people every day.  As an example, below I describe how I successfully treated the nail fungus of my right thumb.    

It is estimated that 10 percent of the U.S. population alone has onychomycosis. [1] The treatment is often difficult, since topical ointments can't penetrate the nail plate, and this leaves the majority of the fungus untouched by the medication. Recently, oral medications have been developed to combat the fungus from inside the body. However, patients will have to monitor themselves carefully for any dangerous side-effects, because the antifungal pills have serious contraindications ...

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I would like share with you my experience at the 80th International Conference on Light and Vision in Colorado Springs, U.S.A., and also some of the correspondences I found between the use of colour in syntonic optometry and coMra-Therapy.

The “Light and Vision” conference was focused on the application of specific colours to eyes, in order to treat vision-related diseases. But in a sense, the conference was itself colour-full, with a rich palette of therapies and an inspiring vision of healing with light. The feeling from this conference was of warmth and light coming from every person. :)

Optometrists from around the world – USA, Germany, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, UK – came to learn about syntonic optometry and share their experiences.

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Claudi Lemoine, Clinical Massage, Hermanus.

“A lady of 68 came with osteoporosis in her back and right hip. She had a very stiff body and a little voice almost like someone who is too shy to talk. I started to treat her along her spine ...


What are Low-level lasers and how are they being used to treat medical conditions today?

Today more and more are people choosing to stay away from invasive treatments and long-term dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. One effective healing instrument which is commonly used in hospitals in countries like Russia is low-level lasers. But also throughout the world they have been used for many years in a wide variety of medical disciplines. Physiotherapists and sports teams use them regularly for the repair of...

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