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Everyone benefits from the healing power of coMra & the δelta Laser

Whether you are a doctor, a healer, a dentist, a beautician, a botanist, a vet, or just simply a layman without any medical knowledge, but wanting to take more responsibility for your own health and that of your family and pets, coMra is for you.

coMra & the Delta Laser are also for sports people, athletes, cyclists, gymnasts, dancers, runners, hikers, mountaineers, and everyone interested in keeping fit, healthy and boosting the immune system against disease.

The Delta Effect


coMra-Therapy Suspends Life-long Migraine for 57-year old Female Patient

Oliver Müller, Radiant Life Technologies
Arzhan Surazakov, Radiant Life Technologies


A 57-year old lady had been suffering from severe migraines for all her life (since childhood). She experienced attacks 2-3 times a month. Strong pain medication was at times administered, but this became increasingly ineffective over time. She began self-treatments with coMra-Therapy in November 2011, following the Universal 1 treatment protocol. This was done 1-2 times a day for 4 weeks. She reported that the course resulted in her being migraine-free for three months, and it also led to a reduction in frequency and severity of migraine attacks during the following year.

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My first experience of the debilitating pain was on Thursday, May 31st, 2012. As soon as I had fully cooled down from training at home, after taking a shower and eating dinner, I noticed significant pain coming from my left leg’s groin area when I stood up.  I had to limp, since applying any pressure onto the leg was very painful. I proceeded to treat it that night by irradiating a point on my groin with the Delta’s medical terminal at 5Hz for 2 minutes and at 50Hz for 3 minutes. I also did the hip joint arthritis treatment.  I continued to do these treatments over the weekend....

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My wife Nicola is prone to getting eczema (dermatitis) and has had frequent outbreaks since childhood. For several years now, she has been getting flare-ups of dyshidrotic (pompholyx) eczema on her feet. She suffered blistering, which is characteristic for this form of eczema.

In the UK 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults get eczema. That's millions and millions of people in this one country alone. Most people have just learned to live with it. Others take steroid creams, which don't solve the actual problem and have long-term side-effects.

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Osteoporosis is a serious metabolic bone disorder that increases the likelihood of bone fractures and affects the lives of a large percentage of the aging population, with post menopausal type Osteoporosis being the most common. The purpose of this case study was to investigate the effectiveness of coMra-Therapy in the treatment of post menopausal Osteoporosis. The study participant treated herself at home over an 11 month period using coMra-Therapy, (Coherent Multi Radiance Therapy) according to the treatment guide. CoMra-Therapy combines low level laser therapy, magnetic therapy, coloured light therapy and ultrasound therapy in one device called the Delta low level laser. Bone density scans were taken at 11 months apart and there was a statistically significant increase in bone mass density reported between scans in both the total hip of +4.7% and +3.6% in the lumbar spine, while over the same period, according to the calculated rate of bone loss, it was anticipated that there would be a further loss of bone mass between -1.3 and -1.5%. These results indicate that coMra-Therapy is a safe and viable treatment method for post menopausal osteoporosis in humans that gives individuals the ability to take a more active role in the improvement and maintenance of their own health.



How our physical body is able to initiate and complete its own healing is one of its most remarkable features. Even a simple finger cut initiates responses from dozens of types of cells – the smallest units in our body – coordinated to achieve specific results, such as stopping blood loss, killing foreign bacteria and preventing infection, creating new blood capillaries, repairing and regenerating skin layers. These processes rely on the astonishing intelligence of our cells and the different ways in which they can communicate and function together towards one goal.

Key to this remarkable healing concerto is the ability of individual cells to communicate with each other using specialized chemical messengers, which provide specific stimuli that direct a cell to perform one or another function. For example, medical science has identified a group of messengers called Growth Factors. These chemical messengers act to stimulate the proliferation, growth and maturation of young cells that will replace damaged cells in a wound [1].

In terms of messaging, some remarkable developments took place in the early 1980s, when researchers started to accumulate evidence proving that light can also act as a messenger for initiating regeneration and repair. In coMra-Therapy visible colour lights are used precisely as a messenger to initiate this process – communicating a message of healing to cells. In this article I will start discussing the actions of light as a messenger on cells.

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