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Study Proves Tissue Regeneration

Thursday, 12 June 2014, 19:59   |   Written by 
Charles Mitchley

Laser Light Activates Stem Cells and Regenerates Tissue - Study Confirms

Scientists have used low-power light to trigger stem cells inside the body to regenerate tissue. This research confirms the regenerative properties of low-level laser therapy, and provides support for a host of clinical applications in restorative dentistry and regenerative medicine more broadly, such as wound healing, bone regeneration, and more.

The abilities of low-level lasers to regenerate tissue have been known for some time. About 15 years ago papers were published showing that light can help regenerate damaged neurons. These were followed by a variety of clinical studies. However, these were not acknowledged by the mainstream research community.

This new study was carried out by a group of researchers at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute.

The team used a low-power laser to trigger human dental stem cells to form dentin, the hard tissue that is similar to bone and makes up the bulk of teeth. What's more, they outlined the precise molecular mechanism involved, and demonstrated its prowess using multiple laboratory and animal models.

Stem cells exist throughout the body, and they have been of great interest to scientists through their ability to develop into different types of cells. This means that they can repair or replace damaged or worn out tissue. The great benefit of using low-level lasers to make stem cells do their work is appealing, since laser light is a minimally invasive technique.

Lasers are routinely used in medicine and dentistry, so the barriers to clinical translation are low,

said Dr David Mooney Ph.D., who is also the Robert P. Pinkas Family Professor of Bioengineering at Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

Read a more detailed report about this study at (Science Daily, 2014).

With coMra-Therapy we are treating the whole body, and not only locally. Regenerative support for the body includes such areas as the blood, the endocrine and lymphatic systems, the major organs and the central nervous system. All of these are important in maintaining overall health and promoting healing.

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