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Relief of Pain and Many Other Symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis

Saturday, 10 March 2012, 08:20   |   Written by 
Charles Mitchley

Cheryl Terblanche from South Africa

Cheryl was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. Since then she has had on average 2 relapses a year, mostly resulting in permanent damage. Cheryl suffered a suspected stroke in 1998, and then in 1999. Cheryl started treatments with coMra-Therapy on 1/9/2010. Her symptoms at the time included: Deaf in left ear; Fatigue; Difficulty walking; Blurred vision; Loss of muscular strength in both hands and arms; Loss of balance; Inability to digest food properly; Inability to swallow correctly (choking); Skin pain (sensitivity to touch/burning); Numbness and pins & needles; MS-Hug (intense pain); Arthritis and limited movementin joints of left hand; Heart condition - coronary heart and IST (Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia); High blood pressure (MS related); GTT gall bladder/bile output high.

Cheryl's medication at the time included: Carbamazepine and Amitriptyline to ease the skin pain; A variety of blood pressure drugs and beta blockers for the heart; Morphine once a week for pain. In total she was taking 8 different drugs a day, in addition to a new trial drug.

"I was diagnosed in 1999 and also have had about 2-3 relapses a year and suffer extreme pain. I have been under the care of the neurology department at Groote Schuur for 3 years now and am part of a study (new drug which will only be launched in about 3 years!). It is supposed to slow down the relapses, but does nothing to improve quality of life. In September last year I was loaned the Delta to “experiment” with. It is used worldwide on numerous illnesses, but no-one had used it yet for MS. Well, it has been an eye opener and my life has most definitely improved. The professor at the hospital is aware that I have been using it and even they have seen the enormous improvements (I have secondary illnesses as well, caused by the MS) in both my MS and other issues – the benefit from my side is that I have tests done every 4 weeks, so I have seen actual changes on paper!

"I have had 1 minor relapse since using the Delta and a few smaller “attacks”. Neither have done any damage and the laser has allowed me to recover very quickly. I got through the summer with aplomb and have not had to sleep in the afternoons since I started last year. I stopped using my walking stick and now only do so when I am going to be on my legs for a long time, have been able to bend and garden again and have not dropped a dish since I started using!!!!!!!!!! Apart from the study drug, I used to take 8 pills a day – now only take 2. And the pain is under control."

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