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Radiant Life Technologies

Pioneering 21st Century Technology

In 1995 a group of like-minded individuals began coming together to find ways to help people to help themselves. Consequently in July 2009 we founded Radiant Life Technologies, which is now a growing international business. Our approach has been to pool our own financial, entrepreneurial and technical resources to promote the empowerment of the individual through the medium of holistic self-sufficiency.

Founder of RLT, Théun Mares (with Ralph the Bullmastiff)

The dividends earned by Radiant Life Technologies are reinvested in ongoing research work to develop further cutting edge technologies. These technologies will benefit men and women in claiming their power by becoming ever more holistic in the development of sustainable self-sufficiency.

The first of the 21st century technologies brought to the world by Radiant Life Technologies is coMra-Therapy, a revolutionary breakthrough in medical science. This breakthrough enables men and woman to become far more self-sufficient and therefore responsible in managing their health, continued well-being and happiness.

The vision of our group is to pioneer technology that will benefit men and women in claiming their power by becoming ever more holistic in the development of sustainable self-sufficiency.

From our Co-CEO, Elizabeth Schnugh CA(SA)

We live in possibly the most exciting times ever within the history of humanity. We have so much opportunity for all sorts of marvellous adventures, arising from the great many challenges facing us. The world situation today is such that it calls for pioneers, adventurers and go-getters. In fact, if you have ever dreamed about being a hero or a heroine, now is the time to fulfil that dream, for the world is in need of heroes and heroines, and humanity is in desperate need of men and women who are prepared to step out of the circle in showing the way forward.

I believe in an holistic approach to our health and every aspect of our lives, and this involves looking beyond the symptoms and finding the cause. So much unhappiness and lack of fulfilment in our lives is caused by imbalances in our primary relationships: with our families, at work, and at leisure, and also in other vital relationships, such as discovering our purpose in life, as well as how we relate to our bodies and our food. Success and happiness in all these areas depend on our ability to handle relationships constructively.

I therefore divide my time as course director and founder of the Institute for the Study of Man (ISM). The ISM courses are designed to look at all our relationships in a new light and provide the practical tools to handle any type of relationship.

In keeping with our vision of holistic self-sufficiency, all at RLT subscribe to and recommend the Relationships Courses offered at ISM. The ISM courses offered by me were devised under the auspices of Théun Mares.


From our Co-CEO, Onnik Merdinyan

I enjoy exploring, experimenting and discovering. This led me to the discovery that life is a system of relationships that is completely interdependent, interactive and interconnected. I feel privileged to travel with my friends together on this rich and extravagant life’s journey!

Vision: to encourage people to help themselves and to travel light.

Podcast interview: Onnik shares about coMra and the 5 Principles of Life


RLT is an EU registered company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of 21st century technology aimed at the self-suffi-
ciency & self-empowerment of the individual.

RLT holds the following ISO certifications:
ISO 13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008,
ISO 14001:2004, ISO 14971:2007



Providing the physical body with all the necessary conditions it needs for what it alone is most qualified to do: namely, to heal itself.


The δeltaSeries Laser

Our unique healing device combining the four radiances into one coherent and focussed healing message to the body.