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I burned/scalded my finger while soldering copper pipes. I treated it immediately with the Delta and the pain stopped. I treated it a few times throughout the day, whenever I felt the pain begin to return, just took 2 minutes and the pain was gone and at the end of the work day when I went to wash my hands there was no pain or mark...

Edmonton, Canada

One evening B. started to have a sore throat that developed into tonsillitis. There was also a fever of 38°C. The first treatment was done during the first night, the second the next morning. After these two treatments the pain stopped. The same day one more treatment was applied. Over the next 7 days treatments were applied once daily...

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

I burned myself with hot milk. A blister started to form. It was painful. I kept it for a few minutes under cold water but the pain came back. After about 15 minutes I used the Delta Laser for 5-7 minutes on 1000 Hz. A few minutes later the pain reduced and then stopped. I then forgot all about it. 20 hours later I can see only a red spot....

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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