The δelta Effect

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This report describes the results of use of the Delta Laser in treating Multiple Sclerosis. The case study participant, a 50 year old female, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. She experienced 1-2 attacks per year that led to permanent neurological damage. Starting in September 2010, daily coMra-Therapy treatments resulted in a very significant reduction in a wide variety of different types of pain, and an improvement across a wider variety of symptoms, including greater vitality, increased coordination and balance, mobility and physical function. Her use of medication for symptom management and especially for pain, has substantially reduced. In her own words:

"... whilst all of my MS symptoms have not disappeared and although pain often makes its presence felt in a strong manner, the use of the Delta has allowed these symptoms to be short lived and be managed.

The Delta allows me to continue with a very good quality of life – working, gardening, going for long walks, shopping, cooking, dressing, bathing – activities that many MS sufferers do not have the luxury of doing."


Cheryl Terblanche from South Africa

Cheryl was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. Since then she has had on average 2 relapses a year, mostly resulting in permanent damage. Cheryl suffered a suspected stroke in 1998, and then in 1999. Cheryl started treatments with coMra-Therapy on 1/9/2010. Her symptoms at the time included: Deaf in left ear; Fatigue; Difficulty walking; Blurred vision; Loss of muscular strength in both hands and arms; Loss of balance; Inability to digest food properly; Inability to swallow correctly (choking); Skin pain (sensitivity to touch/burning); Numbness and pins & needles; MS-Hug (intense pain); Arthritis and limited movement...