The δelta Effect

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This Medical Studies section of the RLT blog is devoted to presenting clinical trials and specific case studies that have been conducted under the auspices of doctors and other practitioners using coMra.

The information presented here is in summary form and has been selected from our database of case studies, to highlight some of the new areas in which the DELTA lasers and coMra are leading the field in healing technology and approach.

At the beginning of each summary, we state the identity as well as the contact details of the MD supervising the study or trial. Each summary also has a link to the more extensive clinical/case study forms created by the MD and his team. Access to this data is only available to accredited MDs, medical practitioners and other scientists who have begun the process of exploring with us more deeply the effects of coMra. To register with us and access this data, please click here.

All participating patients have expressed their written consent to participate in the RLT clinical trials and case studies. Nevertheless, their identities are protected and are not revealed in any way whatsoever. All patients in this space are identified by age and gender only.

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