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In June of 2011, I discovered a "cold sore" on my upper lip. Never having had one before I was a little surprised. I didn't treat it for a while thinking it may be a sun blister. But because it would come and go I figured something else was up. I started using various forms of ointment. Finally I visited a Dermatologist in September 2011...

St. John's, Canada

One morning in July 2012 I got up and stepped onto the corner edge of a low, floor-level bed frame. I was a guest in a house where I wasn't used to things. I put my full weight on it and the pain was immense. My foot was heavily bruised and cut and I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever. I immediately started treating the affected area...

London, United Kingdom

Female with a headache due to emotional and/or mental stress. A treatment was given with the Delta Laser. The pain disappeared within 10 minutes.

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia


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