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Every time I feel a cold coming on: whether in the nose, back of the mouth or throat I apply one of the Delta treatments for this area: rhinitis, pharyngitis, etc. Generally I combine them or, more often, just treat the sore spots and follow my intuition. My experience up till now has been that after 2 or max 3 days I feel well again and I...

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Having to deal with cold sores since an early age, has been very difficult. Normally, I would experience outbreaks every two months, these lasted up to 7-8 days. After I began using the Delta Laser, I did 2 courses of the UNI 6 treatment, with 2-3 weeks rest in between, and I soon realized that 6 months had passed and I had not endured an...

Kerry, Miami, United States

Once I noticed the itchiness, dryness and burning sensation on my hands I started using the Delta and, during the treatments, I experienced a soothing and calming feeling, which was very relieving. The next day already, I saw and felt great improvement in the irritated areas.

Carolina, Miami, United States


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