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Upon receiving the Delta Laser, in January 2011, we have been using this practical device for headaches, stress relief, and most importantly for wellness. However, our son Brandon repeatedly suffered from ear infections since about the age of 2. He usually got the ear infection 4-5 times a year, mostly in one ear after swimming in the pool,...

Julio, Miami, United States

I bought the Delta Laser six months ago, and I make use of it every time I have a health problem; sometimes on its own, sometimes in conjunction with other therapies. One day I started feeling sudden acute pain in my left hand, and was told by my doctor that this may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist. I remembered having read...

Bergamo, Italy

I had been bitten by flies or bugs before going to bed and it was very itchy, I could not stop scratching the bites. I decided to try the Delta on them. I treated each bite for two minutes – I had two. The need to scratch them stopped even as I was treating them with the Delta. The areas were still irritated, but I did not feel the need to...

Edmonton, Canada


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