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I am a Full Contact fighter who underwent a reconstructive knee surgery on my ACL due to a direct kick to my knee while competing. During a match my leg was in the air and my foot was pinned on the opponent's hip as the direct kick occurred, which caused my ACL to tear. I underwent an ACL reconstruction with allograft (cadaver ligament) and...

Luis, Miami, United States

After I was diagnosed with Tendinitis and told that my last resort was going to be surgery, I opted not to pursue surgical intervention as this would keep me bed ridden beyond a time possible, considering my line of work. After this decision, I lived with the pain, swelling and overall discomfort on a daily basis. I gained more weight not...

Blanca, Miami, United States

Male got at end of April 2012 sudden pain in his left knee while just walking. No special reason. It was very painful to walk or stand. Diagnosis by GP and MRI scan: worn knee, osteoarthritis. The man treated himself for 13 weeks daily (sometimes twice daily) for 30 min per treatment with Traumatology 10 (and also Universal 3 once every...

Rotterdam, Netherlands


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